Sunday, 20 August 2017

Childs Play Dream Catcher by Tracey Campbell

Greetings and Salutation everyone. For my post today I wanted to share with you that Colour Blast products are a product that are fantastic and so simple to use ....  easy enough for all the family to use..... if you want to share.  

 Paige my youngest daughter and I worked on this project together using Colour Blast Paste.
We purchased this plastic stain glass feathers kit from K-mart and the paint that was include was completely dry....
 so to avoid the tears I suggested to Paige that she use my very special pastes.
 Together we painted the plastic feathers using Colour Paste in four different colours;
Once they were dry it was just a matter of simply threading them up with some string.  
 This dream catcher part didn't come with the kit I had to raid my chipboard stash for this circle which I sprayed with Grape Colour Spray, drew triangles on it and punched a few small holes to thread the string through.  
 Once it was all tied together the string lacked colour, so I grabbed some Colour Shimmer Spray in Tangareen Dream and Envy and sprayed it to give it a bit of colour.
 I really love how the Colour Paste allows the sunshine through and becomes almost translucent.
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Saturday, 19 August 2017

"Timeless" by Amanda H

Hello Colour Blast fans!

I love that Colour Blast has 21 colours in our base range of products - that means that every month our team can come up with a variety of colour combinations! I keep finding new ways to combine the colours - this month, I have combined cool colours: Deep Water and Apple of my Eye with the earthy metallic tones of Leather and Stormy Weather. And it is perfect for this windmill photo taken during my trip to Amsterdam.

Here is a sneak peek, before we look at the steps I followed to create the page.

I started with a white cardstock base, and using two Colour Pastes: Stormy Weather and Leather, I swiped them through a stencil.

I used both colours through the stencil at the same time, and I like the effect of the two colours together.
While my Colour Paste is drying, I used White Heavy Gesso to paint some chipboard and wood veneer cogs. I will be embossing these cogs, and I quite like the different effect you can get by painting the pieces with gesso before embossing.
Then, I heat emboss the cogs using Colour Embossing Powder in Stormy Weather and Deep Water.


Lastly, I grabbed my beautiful Colour Shimmer Cube in Apple of my Eye, to create some drippy effects on the page. I loaded quite a lot of water and colour on a brush and, holding the page vertical, I let it drip down the page.
I also add some generous splatters of colour from the Colour Shimmer Cubes, in Apple of my Eye and Leather.

All that done, I am ready to assemble my page, with a few extra papers and embellishments.
Here is my final page and some close ups.... I really do love the combination of colours I created for this page!

Thanks for looking today. And please remember that we love seeing your creations in our sharing group on Facebook: Colour Blast Creative Corner. What is your lastest favourite colour combo?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Whimsy Mixed Media Cards by Kasia Leach

Hello again guys.. I'm here today to walk you through the process of making these couple fun all occasion cards. I picked up a couple of Whimsy Stamps from a pre-loved stamp sale and couldn't wait to colour them in with my new love.. Colour Shimmer Cubes.. oh yes.. I'm in love!

I used Fire Engine, Punch, Lipstick & Tangerine Colour Shimmer Cubes for the tights, dress and headband of the girl on the left hand side. Followed by Dusty Charcoal & Stormy Weather Colour Shimmer Cubes for the hair. The flowers were painted with Sunshine & Tangerine and leaves with Apple of My Eye mixed with a little bit of Leather, and lastly the little bear was coloured with the Leather Colour Shimmer Cube. 

The girl on the right was painted with Colour Shimmer cubes as well. The hair was a mixture of Lipstick, Punch, Rose Petal, Royalty & Lovely Lilac. The dress and leg warmers were coloured with Envy, Deep Water, Singing the Blues & Just Blue. The apples are various intensities of Apple of My Eye and a hint of Sunshine and finally the dog and basket were painted with the Leather Colour Shimmer Cube.

For my painting process have a read through the Shimmering Princess blog post, as I go into a lot of detail there. 

I first mixed the Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust with water in a small misting bottle to make a spray and sprayed a 5" x 5" piece of watercolour paper and then sprayed again through a spot stencil and gave it a blast with the heat gun. 

I then sprayed the same Peacock spray through a floral stencil and flipped the stencil and pressed it back onto the paper for a negative image.

A little bit of inking with blue ink through a striped stencil on the edges of the paper. 

A little bit of stamping on the edges with a script texture stamp using Archival Ink.

I then stencilled on some Dusty Charcoal Colour Paste to create a grounding for my image. 

After the Colour Paste fully dried I roughly painted on some Coffee Colour Spray in the area where the Colour Paste was, which created a really cool effect as the Colour Spray re-activated the spray I created from the Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust and created a mustardy brown colour. 

I then flicked on some of the Coffee Colour Spray with a paintbrush all over the background and let everything dry really well. 

I die cut a couple of sentiments from white cardstock and covered them with Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder. 

I inked the edges of the watercolour panel with Walnut Stain Distress Ink and adhered it to a black top folding card base, added my little girl with foam adhesive and adhered the sentiment. 

I made the second card a the same time as the first but thought I would go through some of the steps separately. 

After spraying the first card base through the spotty stencil I pressed the stencil onto the second card base to get the reverse image. 

I then randomly stamped the diluted Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust all over the panel with a scribble texture stamp, not for a perfect impression but to simply create some texture. 

Creating extra texture with black in and texture stamps was the next step. At this stage I decided where I wanted to place my image and focussed the texture in this area. I then stencilled on the Sunshine Colour Paste through a large dot stencil and allowed it to dry really well. 

Once dry I painted on the Coffee Colour Spray with a brush like in the previous card and embossed the die cut sentiment with the Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder. 

So this completes the second card. I just love how all the colours mix and create all these gorgeous layers. 

Hope you enjoyed this project and give some of these products a try if you haven't already. 

Till next time.. don't forget to have fun! 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Follow your Heart & Dance by Gwen Wruck

Hi, Creative friends!!

Gwen here today sharing with you another "clean mixed media" project, this time featuring a beautiful rose cut file.

The idea for this project came from this divine Roses cut file I have used to fill my entire background.  I love cut files like this one as it is a great start to a page, add some sparkles and the page pretty much makes itself.

To create my page, I started with a few small splatters in the top left-hand corner and bottom right-hand corner of the page using the Colour Shimmer Cubes in Blush and the Colour Shimmer Spray in Blush as well.  I find the colour in the Colour Shimmer Spray to be quite light compared to that of the colour in the Shimmer cubes (especially if you don't water it down very much) so it's nice to use the same colour in a couple of different products for a colour on colour affect.  The dark splatters here are the Colour Shimmer cube and the light ones are the Colour Shimmer spray.

Next, using a combination of Blush in the Colour Shimmer Cube and Lipstick in the Colour Shimmer Cube as well as more of the Blush Colour Shimmer Spray, I have painted the cut file.  I have not been too particular with the painting as I really wanted a variety in the depth of colour - I was really hoping to see the variation in the colours here, whilst they are all in the same colour family, the Lipstick is a bit darker so I tried hard not to blend it all too much.

Once I was happy with the colour on my cut file, I dried it off with a heat gun. I then layered it over the splatters I created in Step one and glued it down to onto my background.  I didn't use very much glue, just enough to keep it in place for the next step.

Now was the time to add some stitching.  I have created loose circles with my sewing machine creating a few circles around each of the flowers.  This took some time but was worth it considering it was the main feature of the design.  You can see a close up of the stitching below as well as the different shades of pink on the cut files; I love that the colour is not perfectly blended and in some sections, you can see quite a bit of the white cardstock showing through.

Next, it was time to add my photo and embellishments.  Whilst I had the 9 Roses in the background sorted, I wanted to add two main focal points for the actual design, a smaller one in the top left-hand corner which features a chipboard piece that says "Follow Your Heart" and the larger one including my photo in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.

I've mounted my photo keeping the photo mat pretty simple as I already had quite a bit going on with the rose background.  I've added a few embellishments on the left with the main cluster on the right including some pretty flowers and a geometric heart embellishment.

Finishing up the page, I added the word "Dance" to round out my title - Follow Your Heart & Dance as well as some pretty yellow butterflies for contrast.  I like how these ones look painted without the mess and hard work :)

and there you have it.. my second Colour Blast project - I really hope you like it and it inspires you to pull out your cut files and work with the new Colour Shimmer cubes, and your Shimmer Sprays they really are beautiful!

But, before I go, I just wanted to share one last image... this one of my swatch book.  I have swatched out my collection of Colour Blast onto plain white cardstock, punched a hole in the top left-hand corner and placed onto a jump ring.  I love how I can quickly and easily see what a product will look like once dry and compare to other products in the same colour family.  If I have a colour in more than one product, I have placed them side by side on the jump ring for easy comparison.  This also shows me at a glance the colours I am missing and what I need to add to my collection next!

I give this project a "mess level" of Low
 (A quite wipe of the messy mat with a baby wipe after painting the cut file, 1 paint brush and 1 cup of water)
Hands, nails and workspace remain totally colour free!

Thanks for popping by