Friday, 26 August 2016

Delight Layout With Anita Bownds

Hi everyone,
Anita here with my second post for this month 
With this layout I wanted to use some of the Colour Shimmer Sprays with the Colour Paste 
using purple and yellow colour tones and a touch of pink
I started with a simple design idea in mind going across the page

Starting with the Colour Paste in Royalty and Sunshine with a stencil
Picking random spots down across the page

Here is my process video 

I hope you enjoyed my video 
I really how sublime the the Sunshine Colour Shimmer Spray giving it that beautiful 
Light yellow tone across the page

With the brighter tone of the Sunshine Colour Paste 
It looks amazing in real life.
I also used some of the butterflies leftover from my last layout that I embossed
with the Sunshine Colour Embossing Powder 
And that added touch of pink on the chipboard heart corner 
using the lovely Rose Petal Colour Embossing Powder for that extra touch of colour 

My photo was the inspiration for the colours
A beautiful vine growing in our garden 

And I thought I would share how I made my flowers shimmer 
and here is a little flower tutorial using the Colour Mica Powders

Here are the Colour Blast Products I've used
Thanks for checking out my post today I hope I've inspired you with my layout.
To give the awesome colour blast products a go!!

Happy crafting..xx

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Spring by Suzy Loudon

Hello Colour Blast Bloggers. As the air warms and we head towards Spring I share with you a layout from one of our favourite times of year...mulberry picking season!!!
I've used some of the lovely new Colour Blast Mica Powders
It's amazing what a blank piece of cardstock, mica powders, versa mark and some rubber stamps can do. 

To begin with I grabbed a plain white piece of cardstock, my Colour Blast Mica Powders in Peach Nectar and Lemon Zing, paint brushes and my Versa Mark Ink Pad.

I stamped around the edges of my cardstock using the Versa Mark and a rubber stamp. Then using my paintbrush I dabbed it in the Mica pots (one brush per colour) and stippled onto the stamped image. Once the inked image was covered well I brushed off the excess mica powder, leaving behind a beautiful shimmery image.

I did this around the entire page. I tried to capture the shimmer in the photo but it's really hard.

I mixed some of the Mica Powder in Lemon Zing, Peach Nectar & Olive Grove with water in some small water sprays (don't put too much mica in proportion to water as it can clog the pump...learnt from experience). I sprayed flowers and lace (and also the muslin I used later). I built up a few layers on the flowers to get some gorgeous thick shimmer. I found that allowing the flowers to dry naturally rather than heating with a heat gun kept the integrity better.

The chipboard I painted in white gesso then sprayed with the Olive Grove shimmer spray I made up.

I mixed some Lemon Zing and Peach Nectar Mica Powder with some texture paste. I then placed them into little sandwich bags to make a piping bag. After snipping off the ends I piped squiggles with each colour.

I used the left over Lemon Zing paste to paint (finger dab) onto my "Spring" title.

I put my page together with some added paper, quick journally, black paint splatter & embellishments.

Once again thanks for taking the time to look.
Don't forget to click HERE for the Colour Blast Shop to purchase some wonderful products. 
xxx Suzy

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

"A Bird Has A Song" by Michelle Logan

Hi Everyone Michelle  back at ya' with another grand experiment using Colour Blast Goodies!
Now this page did not have a plan or turn out that well..... BUT I wanted to Play with the new 
Mica Powders and Colour Sprays to really see what they can do!
So here is the page:

So lets get on with how I created it!

First step, glue down some printed tissue and Washi Tape with Gel Medium. Here is where I made a mistake and should have softened the background with a wash of Gesso (This pushes the print back so the foreground Pops), but I was too keen to play so just went for it!

Next make a paste with Mica Powder (Espresso) and Impasto. The Impasto dries clear and has a shine so does not effect the colour of the powder like texture paste would (makes it creamier and paler). 

Apply the paste through a stencil onto the page.


While the paste is still wet sprinkle with Embossing Powder (Steel) in random spots, and heat to activate. I did this to try and make the stems more prominent against the background, this is where I realised my mistake of the missing Gesso!


Now to play with the Colour Spray!  Colours I used are, Grape, Saffron and Bubblegum.

Once the paste is dry just spray at random, adding water to "move" colours over the page. Loved the vibrancy! Dislike how it took over my stems though!.


I did not like how the stems still "sank" into the background, 

so to tried and make them pop by the application of  Colour Paste Bling to the buds back through the stencil.


Once dry the addition of the paste worked a little to bring the buds into the foreground. 


So onward to the finishing touches, sometimes you have to just go with it and give into where the page is going! It is just a page after all, does not have to be perfect!
Apply Black Soot Distress Ink through a stencil, in the corners to try and frame up the page.

Using the same Colour Spray colours, give some book paper die cuts a water colour look.

Adhere to the page and stamp a quote mounted on some black cardstock to the page.

And the page is done! I have to say I was not overly happy with the page but I did have fun experimenting, and learnt what the products are capable of. 
Not every page has to be a masterpiece, as long as you learn something from the process! 

Here are a few details of the finished piece:

So that is all from me, get yourself in a comfy spot and start playing, so much fun to experiment!
See you next time! 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Coloured Ink Ladies by Krisy Podolak

Hi its Krisy back for my second share this month.  Earlier I shared my ink ladies using only Midnight Colour Shimmer Dust.  Today I am sharing another take on this process in my art journal.

For these ladies I didn't mix the colours in advance.  I used the same process of taking a large brush but instead of applying colour to the page, I applied just water.  Once I was happy with my water, I took a small disposable pipette I purchased off ebay and puffed some Colour Shimmer Dust onto the water.  

To puff the powder, you must make sure you squeezing and holding the pipette before poking it into the powder.  Poke it into the powder then let it go to suck in the powder up the tube.  Then gently squeeze and puff the powder onto the water.  Repeat the "puffing" process with more colours.  Keep the paper still and allow the colours to mix themselves.  The further away you hold the pipette when yo puff the lighter the dusting will be over the paper.

Once you are happy with your colours, allow to dry naturally.  This will allow some of the pigments to create a spotted affect. Once dry dust off any access powder that missed the water and use a maker pen to draw in your characters. 

 I like to think of these colourful ladies as a series of rich housewives at the races. It's fun to see the characters you can create.  This would be a great process for someone who likes to write and journal - you could make up some wonderful stories about these characters.  

There is no process video for this blog post but if you check out my previous card tutorials on YouTube you will see the "puffing" process if it is not clear by my written instructions here.  

Til next time...Go make so stuff.
Krisy x