Saturday, 27 May 2017

Autumn Leaves by Ree Peace

Hi all!!!
How amazing is Autumn? And how clever is Colour Blast? Combine the two and you get a Blast of Autumn on your page!

I gathered the Colour Sprays and Shimmer Sprays for this project.
Colour Sprays: Saffron, Rainforest and Coffee
Colour Shimmer Sprays: Leather, Fire Engine, Tangereen Dream

First I drew some fineliner leaf outlines

And misted them lightly with water before colouring them with layers of the above colours...

When I felt they matched those in my chosen pic I dried the cardstock off with my heat gun.

Next I Created highlights with Bling Colour Paste because who can go by some Blingy bits?!?!?!

This dried wonderfully, so much shimmery shine!

Here is the completed background...

And this is how I used it =)
These guys just love to give me the best shots!

Enjoy what is left of the beautiful colours before the bleak greys arrive!

Signing off for now, Ree =)

Friday, 26 May 2017

"Poolside Fun" by Melissa Struhs

Hello again Colour Blast Fans!
This year I have spent most of the year in stash busting mode and have rediscovered some small piles of leftover papers set aside after a project. With so many photo's left to scrap of the same occasion, I have found that just a few pieces is all that I have needed to team with some Colour Blast products and the layouts are done.

I did find a resist style 12 x 12 glossy paper that is ideal for blending colours onto. It has unstructured floral pattern that I knew could be really something special with blended colour sprays.

On a piece of leftover white cardstock, I tested a few colour and combinations that I thought might work. The bold colours of the Colour Sprays in Lagoon and Sapphire were exactly what I wanted but to bring a little metallic shimmer in as well, Singin' the Blues and Deep Water Colour Shimmer Cubes were also incorporated.

With specialty papers like these glossy styles, I like to keep some in reserve so I cut mine to size before beginning the blending process. There really is no planning as to where the colours would go, but I spritzed my paper with a little water before applying the colour sprays with a paintbrush. This helps the liquid flow on the page.

The shimmer cubes are activated with water, the more water you add, the more of colour you can make by mixing with a small paintbrush or water pen. You can simply add this in random sections of the paper.

The trick is to work quickly and as the colour pools on the glossy sections of the paper, you can wipe or blot with a baby wipe. This also helped with the blending of the colours.

It creates such a gorgeous watercolour finish with the clean contrast of the white pattern.

I also found some cards from this collection too with fabulous sentiments and used the same colours to highlight the words.

These shimmer cube colours have such a bold intensity of colour packed into those tiny containers and you use next to nothing. The best tip I can give about these brand new products for Colour Blast, leave the lids off. They love to be dried out completely, the lids can be used to protect them as you take the products from crops to home and back again. And then take all the lids off and leave them until next time you use them again.

Some old grey and white chipboard lettering was inked in navy and Just Blue Colour Embossing Powder was heat set.

Lagoon Colour Spray was spritzed over circular chipboard frame to add a dark element for the layout.

Just Blue Colour Paste was applied through a splattered style stencil to replicate a splashed water effect.

The shimmer is stunning on the gloss paper with layers of distressed patterned papers

with transparencies and mini print photo's.

My journaling card was cut with a circular die and overlapped over the stencilled image.

All of the Colour Blast goodness all in one cluster, the colours all look quite stunning together.

Hope this step by step gives you a little inspiration for the coming weekend,
Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

"Spirit" featuring Colour Shimmer Cubes, by Amanda Hartmann

 Hello Colour Blast fans!
Hope you are enjoying your May!
Who has had a chance to play with the NEW Colour Shimmer Cubes? I have a few colours and they are divine to work with, and all I know is that I need MORE! LOL!
In today's project, all I used were the Colour Shimmer Cubes. Rich, bright, shimmering colours - perfect for this Christmas layout!

Let's take a look at how I did it.

Firstly, using Staz On ink, I stamped the background using a variety of stamps. I had an idea of where my photo would sit, so I stamped around that area.
I lined up my Colour Shimmer Cubes in: Sunshine, Sienna,  Punch, Just Blue, Apple of my Eye and Fire Engine. I sprayed a few squirts of water in each cube and then started painting different elements on the page with a small paintbrush.
I painted the Christmas trees and circles, but also the spaces in between. Before I knew it my colour was on the page, sorry I didn't take more photos as I painted; I got carried away in the process and forgot!
My first two observations about this awesome new product, which sets it apart from other Colour Blast products are:
1. The colours are very rich, and very shimmery. You can get a really solid opaque amount of colour, that does not look water-washed or transparent (although I could get that effect if I wanted by adding more water). It also means that your splatters are also thick and hold the colour and shine well.
2. The colours dry quickly and you can paint to keep the colours very separate. The colours need not merge or mix together.
I did some splatters from the paintbrush loaded with colour using: Sunshine and Sienna. The splatters sit nicely on top of the other colours and don't mix in.
Here is my final page! I kept the embellishments to a minimum because I wanted the beautiful colours of the Colour Shimmer Cubes to be the feature of the page.


Thanks for looking today. Hope that has inspired you to take a closer look at the Colour Shimmer Cubes!


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Together by Sue Plumb

Hi everyone! Sue Plumb here to share my latest design team project with you. Today I have a 12x12" layout, that can only be described as a colour "explosion". I love using bright colours, and exploring different combinations; and that is exactly what I did for this piece.

I had these fun selfies of my friend and I together I found on my phone, so I converted them to black and white so I wasn't restricted by colour in any way. I wanted to use Colour Shimmer Dusts in two different colours for my background so I selected a couple that I thought would blend together well.

I started with Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust (I think this is my absolute fave!), which I mixed with water and then splattered onto my white cardstock using a brush. I then took a straw and blew the paint randomly around the page to form starburst type patterns. (Think fireworks.)

Once I had a sufficient amount applied, I set it aside to dry before repeating the process with Lollipop Colour Shimmer Dust. (Note - it is important to remember to choose two colours that will mix well, as the first colour will reactivate when it mixes with the second. In this case I knew it would produce a purple, which also happens to be one of my friend's favourite colours.) 

After both colours had dried, I decided to highlight the purple that had been created by adding another shade of purple using Royalty Colour Paste. I applied it through a bubble design stencil from Flutterby Designs using a palette knife; and the pattern provided a good contrast to the patterns already formed by the Colour Shimmer Dusts.

I added an extra layer of interest by drizzling some white acrylic paint over the top of the Colour Paste and then set it aside to dry again.

Whilst the background was drying, I pulled out a few pieces of paintable ephemera that I wanted to use on my layout and I coloured them using some of the left over Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust I had mixed earlier.

At this point I decided I wanted to add in a small amount of another colour to provide some contrast to my page, so I used Sunshine Colour Shimmer Spray, which I splattered around by removing the nozzle from the bottle.

Once all my mediums were dry, I then began constructing my layout. I created a layered mat for my photos to sit on using a variety of patterned paper pieces, a paper doily and some hand-dyed muslin.

I added assorted ephemera pieces (including the pieces I had painted), which I clustered around my photos; and a flair button from Flutterby Designs, which I nested on some messy cotton thread.

Yellow enamel dots added subtle dimension to my page amongst the Sunshine yellow splatters.

My feature embellishment was a handmade heart from Charms Creations. This provided the perfect pop of yellow I needed to bring it all together; and I used a foam word for my title.

With the addition of the black foam pieces, I knew I had to add some subtle black splatters to help tie the black in, so it was a few quick flicks of my trusty Road Base Colour Spray and I was done.

I LOVE how all these colours came together on this piece! Just look at this deliciousness...

Thanks so much for stopping by today so I could share this with you. I will be back again in a couple of weeks time with another Colour Blast project.
Until then, happy scrapping!

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sweet Moments with Melinda Sweetman

Hey fellow Colour Blast lovers, Melinda here with you today with a mostly clean and simple layout!!

I will start by saying that my mojo has kinda been off on a little holiday this week (not sure what that's about!!) but when I was looking through some photos a week ago I came across the one I have used for this layout and because it was so BIG I thought it was a great way to get scrapping without the pressure of so much "stuff"!!

So, I am scrapping another of my wedding photos today and as I mentioned it is BIG - like 8" x 12" big so it takes up a lot of real estate on my page. A little embellishing, a title and a little pop of colour!

First up I started by prepping my chippy with some white heavy gesso. As 2 of these pieces had already had some product put on them one needed 3 coats and the other needed 2 but they came up nice and white and ready for a new layer of colour ;)

I set my chippy aside to dry and did the little work on my background that I knew I wanted to do. 

I grabbed my (current fave!!) Blush Colour Shimmer Pot, a wide-ish brush, my craft mat and a little water and applied some colour to my craft mat and mixed with a little water (my brush was a little too big to fit in the pot and mix easily). 

I then applied wide brush strokes both at the bottom of the white cardstock background and also at the top of where I knew my photo was going to be. 

With some of the left over colour on my mat I did some sprinkles.

I popped my background to the side so I could finish off my chippy. I decided to use the gorgeous Blush and Punch Colour Embossing Powders. The title got the Punch while the flourish got the punch. These colours are so, so pretty and my current faves!!

After that was all dry it was time to stick it all together. I used a partial white doily at the top of the photo and applied all my chippy with my wet adhesive directly to the photo. 

I just loved how that looked! As a very final touch I have added some punched gold glitter hearts in 2 places and then I called the page done.

I love how this came together and it has given me some of my missing mojo back. I hope to do a little more scrapping tonight in fact ;) Maybe if your mojo has gone walkies, grab a big photo or one that really inspires you and just have a play!

Thank you, as always, for stopping and see you again soon!