Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Shine Bright by Danielle Vertigan

Today I'm sharing just a few members of my amazing team mates that get up on stage and still perform at a top level in Calisthenics Masters division 1.  This image was taken at the Pan Pacific Master Games. I'm not a chronological scrapbooker I go where I'm inspired and this layout was just right.
I wanted the background to be all about the raw product.
No stencil, No stamping just enjoying the Colour Paste
for the gorgeous product it is...

To get started I got out
Black Cardstock, 12x12 sheet of chipboard.

 Colour Paste
Colour Shimmer Spray

Firstly I adhered the Cardstock to the Chipboard sheet.
 Starting with the Sunshine Colour Paste I applied it directly to my page in smears using a spatula tool.

Once it had dried I repeated the process using Tangerine Dream.
I prefer the results of allowing it to dry naturally but you can hit it with a heat gun if you need to speed it up.
To apply the Snow White Colour Paste I wanted a thinner line.
so I used a straw.
I wiped it on using the end of the straw and then went back through it scribbling the lines into the paste.
The result was something a little quirky and I'm really happy with it.

At this stage I decided to add a section in the top right hand corner.
repeating the paste process adding all three colours
The Colour Shimmer Spray was added using Sunshine first.
I spritzed sections around where it lapped the Colour Paste.

I then repeated this using the Shimmer Spray in Tangerine Dream.

Once I had allowed my final layer to dry I used the straw again and added a few touches of bling the same way I had added the Snow White. It was just what the background need and now I
was ready to added my photo and embellish.

I used my white gel pen to add my journal details around the edge of my cardstock to create a border.
Its a great way to add details.

The Shimmer Spray on the black is as expected A-mazing.

It stands out as a real feature.

The layers of Colour Paste blend and work really well together.

 I'm also really happy with the scribble detail in the Snow White.
The page came together just as I had imagined....
all these items and more are available to purchase at
What goodies will you add to your stash???
Till next time....

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Monoprinting with Colour Blast by Rachel Dutko

Hi Colour Blast fans

Today I am sharing how I use Colour Blast Colour Sprays with a monoprinting gel plate.

I finally purchased a gel printing plate recently and I wanted to experiment 
with my Colour Blast Colour Sprays. 

Here are a few projects I have made with the resulting prints.

So let's take a look at how I used my Colour Sprays with the gel plate.

My first step was to add a thin layer of White Heavy Gesso for the sprays to 'stick' to.

Next I randomly sprayed Bubblegum, Saffron,  
Rainforest and Caribbean Colour Sprays.

The next step was to lay a stencil across, and then my paper. The trick is to press down on the paper, making sure to get into the spaces of the stencil really well.

Now for the reveal!

I really enjoy the anticipation of the unknown result of the print!

I found that the White Heavy Gesso gave my prints more of a 
'softer', almost pastel look to the vibrant colours.  

I tried some more combinations of colours, this print is using  
Indigo, Lagoon and Caribbean Colour Sprays.

I then thought I would try using Black Heavy Gesso 
as my base colour.

It was quite hard to see the sprays on the black gesso, but that just 
meant the reveal was more of a surprise!

I found the darker Colour Spray colours worked better on the Black Heavy Gesso. 
This print uses Black Heavy Gesso and 
Rainforest and Carribean Colour Spray.

Lastly I added some splatters of 
watered-down Black Heavy Gesso.

I cut down my prints and added some 
plain die-cuts to make some cards.

I hope I have inspired you to experiment with 
your Colour Blast products.

Thanks for looking

Rachel x x

Monday, 16 October 2017

Repurposing Colour shimmer Cube Lids with Selena Stevens

Colour Shimmer Cubes should be stored with the lids off so that they can dry hard.  I didn’t feel comfortable throwing the lids away.  So, I tweaked a friends idea (Thanks Liz! Click here to see her work.) on how to use these left over lids.

To watch the time lapse video click here.

Or watch it here.

So, lets begin ...

Remove the lids from the Colour Shimmer Cubes.

Colour Paste (BlingSinging The BluesTangareen Dream and Rose Petal) was painted around the edges.

I printed out some previous artwork of mine small enough so that when I cut it out it would fit into the middle of the Colour Shimmer Cube lid.

Using Dimensional Magic or something similar, glue the cut out artwork on to the middle of the Colour Shimmer Cube and cover the top of it with the Dimensional Magic for a clear layer. Leave to dry.

Magnets were stuck onto the flat side of the Colour Shimmer Cube with Dimensional Magic.

This will create a magnet from the Colour Shimmer Cube lids.

I hope you enjoyed this.