Tuesday, 25 April 2017

You Can't Make a Rainbow ~ Art Journal Page with Melinda Sweetman

Hello CB fans, Melinda here with you today with an art journal share!

I had recently purchased a stamp set that I was desperate to play with so pulled out a rainbow of Colour Blast goodies, my art journal and of course my brand new stamp set!

I wanted a drippy, pretty rainbow-y effect on my page but before I did anything I applied a quick coat of White Heavy Gesso using an old card.

I gave that a quick blast with my heat tool to ensure it was completely dry and onto my step which was a little stamping using some grey archival ink and one of my new stamps. I just randomly stamped a few of clouds across the page.

Next up, colour! 

First up, I used Sunset Colour Spray (I was after all going for a rainbow of colour so was working with ROYGBIV) and used the nozzle to apply a little colour to the top of the page, added a little water and then tipped the page to get a fun drippy effect happening.

I did use my heat tool to dry alot of this up and also it helped the colour to pool and dry in the fun way it did. 

I forgot to photograph each colour but going from left to right I have used the following products/colours after the sunset, Saffron Colour Spray, Tangereen Dream Colour Shimmer Spray, Rainforest Colour Spray, Lagoon Colour Spray and Sapphire Colour Spray. I did the exact same technique all the way across.

When that was all dry there was a little too much of the Sunset colour so I simply applied some of the Bubblegum Colour Spray straight over the top and the colours mixed together nicely to give a different shade.

Next up, I decided I wanted to add a bit of a different texture so again, to my stamp set, this time with some clear embossing ink and the same cloud stamp. I applied my ink onto the stamped image (I stamped onto some scrap white cardstock) then sprinkled with Dusty Charcoal Colour Embossing Powder and then heat set with my heat tool.

I love how these clouds came out!!

I fussy cut these and popped them aside while I decided what to do next. Raindrops!!!

Again, some more embossing ink, this time paired with the beautiful Snow White Colour Embossing Powder, straight onto my art journal page. I applied the stamp in a few places, under where I knew I was going to stick my already embossed clouds and then heat set the powder.

So shimmery and pretty!! I love, love, love this Snow White!

I wanted to add a pop of a darker colour and thought that I would that in the raindrops. As you can see the raindrops all have different little patterns on the inside of them so I knew that whatever colour I added the embossing would resist! I decided to go with the Duke Colour Shimmer Dust and a tiny paint brush and added some pops colour randomly to some of the raindrops.

I love the extra colour this gives and that little pop of a darker shade!

I wanted some more texture so grabbed a Dusty Attic raindrop stencil and the Steel Colour Paste and once again, randomly applied some across the page.

I left that to airdry (which does dry super fast by the way!) and then stuck down the clouds I had fussy cut earlier using a little craft foam and cutting off the excess hanging over the edges.

I added my sentiment using black staz-on and then stamped that off around the page to add a little extra something.

And my very last step was getting some of my Black Heavy Gesso, a little water and a small-ish paint brush and applying little drips of black across the page.

I was a little unsure of this in the early stages of it coming together but in the end I am super happy and thrilled that I decided to keep going until I had something I was happy with! I guess, it doesn't always have to be pretty in the beginning for us to love the finished design ;)

Here are a few close ups

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing this art journal page come together and if you would like to see the whole lot come together in a process video just click below and enjoy!

As always, thanks for stopping by and have a messy, crafty day!



Monday, 24 April 2017

Happy Birthday card by Amy Prior

Hi there Colour Blast fans! Amy Prior back with you all again today, this time sharing a quick card tutorial using the gorgeous new Colour Shimmer Cubes!

To create this fun background, I have added various layers of roughly painted flowers using the following Colour Shimmer Cubes colours: Sunshine, Tangareen Dream, Rose Petal, Blush, Punch, Lipstick, Fire Engine, Lovely Lilac, Royalty, Just Blue, Deep Water, Singin the Blues, Envy, and Apple of my Eye

The watercolour flowers were painted onto some trimmed watercolour paper gradually by using one colour at a time. 

Once the base colours were down, I could come back with other colours to create depth such as oranges over the yellow, and reds over pinks, etc.

When the watercolour paper was completely dry, I have adhered a white die cut Happy Birthday sign over the top  before adhering the whole piece onto a white 6x4 card.

To help the white pop more, I have traced around the edges of the die cut and the entire painted area with a black sharpie.

Checkout that gorgeous shimmer!

Thanks so much for stopping by and until next time, happy scrapping!
Amy Prior xx

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Cheeky Monkeys Layout by Farrel Tailor

Hi Colour Blast Lovelies!! I'm back again to share with you a layout I created of my 2 cheeky monkeys....hence the title.

In this layout I have used a combination of Colour Shimmer sprays, Colour Shimmer Dusts, Colour Sprays and Colour Embossing Powder...so sit back and relax and let me show you the process in how I made this layout.

I started off by using a die cut as a stencil and sprayed Coffee  Colour Spray in 2 sections. I also splattered with this colour and then dried it with my heat gun.

I then splattered with Bling Colour Shimmer Spray all over the layout. 

Next I used Colour Shimmer Dusts in Navy and Midnight to splatter onto the layout. I didn't use too much water as I wanted the colours to be intense.

The next step was to emboss the die cut/stencil (no wasting lol) with Bling Colour Embossing Powder. I wanted a little of the cardstock to show so I didn't coat the whole pieces with embossing powder..this gives it more of a rustic look.

Once I put all my pattern paper layers together I decided it needed something else, so I used a small amount of Colour Shimmer Dust Midnight and lightly brushed around all the sides with a paint brush as you would if you were inking around the edges.

I adhered all the pieces onto my layout and then thought I could use Navy Colour Shimmer Dust to colour my white alpha stickers for the title.

And there you have it...here are some close ups of the finished layout.

Thanks for dropping by and until next time happy scrappin' xx

Saturday, 22 April 2017

He's an EPIC showoff! - Skai Mitchell

Whoo hooo... its another long weekend and I hope your are getting some crafty time scheduled in

I'm sharing a layout today that pulls out all the bells and whistles in regards to product usage. I'm a scrapper that uses multiple products and techniques on her layouts, and I'll take you through each medium step by step... 

Step One - Shimmer Dusts. 

Using a dry brush, flick some of your Sunshine shimmer dust onto your background and give a few sprays of water. 

Next, add some Candy shimmer dust with a dry brush and repeat with water spray. 

Using a straw, blow some of the shimmer dust liquid in random bursts. 

Grab a bottle of Love colour spray, unscrew the lid and using the straw add random flicks and blobs to the page. 

Step Two - Colour Paste

Grab your favourite stencil, some Colour Paste in Dusty Charcoal and a pallet knife. 

Using the pallet knife, spread random blobs of the Colour paste. I've made mine really uneven and random, as that's the effect I was going for. You could be very deliberate and even in your application if you wanted to. 

Repeat randomly over the page in places where you know your wont be adding your layers. 

Step Three - Colour Sprays

Next I've used some of the Colour Spray in Roadbase to colour some medical gauze on a messy mat. You could leave it to air dry, or gently use a heat gun to aid drying. 

Begin to stick down your layers and get some assemblage happening. I've used some music sheets and velum edged with black Stazon, and I've added a messy machine stitching frame. 

Step Four - Colour Embossing Powder.

Everyone using embossing powder a little differently, but these are the steps I take. Using your Versamark pad, wet the side of your chipboard you plan to emboss. Cover generously with embossing powder, I've used Fire Engine, and flip over to ensure the whole piece is coated. Scoop up your Embossing powder and place it carefully back into the tub. Gently heat the chipboard with a heat gum and 'melt' the powder evenly. 

Step Five - Colour Spray. 

I've used the Colour spray in Love again to colour my chipboard piece. Give it a good coating with the spray, and I use a piece of medical gauze to soak up the extras and use on another project. 

Assemble it all together and add some coordinating embellishments and alphas. 

Hope you have enjoyed my very textural and layered creation this week

Love and light