Sunday, 20 May 2018

"Just Relaxing" by Melissa Struhs

Hey Everyone. As we approach the middle of the month already I wanted to really make an effort to dig through my chipboard stash. Figured it was also a great time to sort  and reorganise the millions of remnants gathering in a huge container while I searched for pieces that would be suitable for my photo.

I am sure you have probably seen the May Challenge for this month's Colour Blast Creative Corner Challenge....chipboard and Colour Blast? Ha! Too easy. It is very simple to see that my usual stash of photo's gravitates towards to masculine / industrial theme and that it definitely the style of chipboard I have been hoarding.

As I started digging, I found cogs, industrial hanging lanterns and chains and circuitry panels. Some pieces were brand new, others were pieces left over from other projects and others were dug from the deepest valleys of my stash.

I began with Dusty Charcoal Colour Shimmer Spray over the Title, chain and hanging lanterns. These in particular have an etched pattern in them and the Shimmer Spray does not fill the pattern like other mediums would. Two coats were applied and dried off with my heat gun between each layer.

To incorporate some extra large metal cogs into my design, I gave them a matt finish by painting them with Black Heavy Gesso.

1 coat is all it takes to achieve this matt look with full coverage.

On the remaining chipboard cogs, silver ink was applied and then sprinkled with Steel Colour Embossing Powder. I like to do 3 coats on pieces where the shape is quite bulky and the finished look is thick and super glossy.

I tinkered with layering of the patterned paper and shuffling the photo's into place before adding Just Blue Colour Paste

across the top of some stamped script images

and below my focal photo.

While the paste was still wet, I flicked some heavy splashes of Deep Water Colour Shimmer Spray
over the stencilled pieces.

It's only subtle at this stage but by introducing other chipboard elements with the same colour again

plus by adding Deep Water Colour Embossing Powder it would a little more of an intense look.

Forget about hunting for an ink!!! I soaked my chipboard with the shimmer spray and before it was able to soak in too much

covered it in the matching Colour Embossing Powder. 

The look can be patchy and slightly textured and then thick and glossy in some spots. Sometimes that can really be what you love most about it.

All of the layers could be adhered to the layout, I used every chipboard piece to border or frame my photographs.

Even incorporated some hand stitching to anchor the pieces more securely...

especially some the layers that really were only held with a tint bit of glue.

Hope this inspires you to dig through your chipboard stashes and perhaps blend some unusual pieces together in an interesting way. Have a fabulous and creative Colour Blast weekend.


Saturday, 19 May 2018

Enjoying These Awesome Moments with Melinda Sweetman

Hello Colour Blasters, how are you this Saturday morning? Winter is getting ever closer and I hope you are keeping warm, if it is even cold where you are!!

I got a new stencil recently and had a play with it on another page which is totally where I got the idea for this page from! 

Here is a little looksy at what I have created

And here are my step-by-step instructions

First up I grabbed a piece of white (textured of course, it is my fave!) card stock and applied a quick, light coat of White Heavy Gesso across the entire page. Next up some stamping! I've used a couple of stamps that have not seen ink and some black Versafine ink right down the middle of page in a vertical column.

When that was dry I added some light modelling paste through my stencil (I seriously LOVE this new stencil!) and left to dry naturally.

I have been meaning to do this technique for AGES. Actually, to re-phrase, I have been meaning to do this technique and not hate what I created so I once again pulled out my Colour Shimmer Dusts in Peacock, Cobalt, Duke and Navy. I sprinkled the tiniest amount of each colour randomly across the stencilled background. You probably can't even see it in my photo but it is there - take a close look on the edge on the right hand side especially!

Add water. Yep, it's as simple as that! Add water and watch the magic happen! Tip and tilt and turn the page to get the colours to move and blend and then dry. I did use my heat tool and I did apply extra colours in a couple of places by simply adding a tiny bit more dust and activating with water. I LOVE this background!

If you are anything like me and make a MESS when you do this grab a paper towel and/or a baby wipe and where you have colour you don't want you can very easily wipe/rub/dab it away. This will only work if you have applied the gesso in the first place but the excess colour where I don't want it is often why I bin my "failed" attempts!!

I knew that I had a stamp set to use for my title so decided to build my own title/journal card and use it as I would a second photo. I added my stamped title and then my journalling and had some left over space so added another stamped word which I used a little paint brush and the Peacock Colour Shimmer Dust to paint - messy style!! Oh, and splatters on the card ;)

Time to play with layers!! I layered up my photo and title card onto a piece of patterned paper (the photo is popped up), messed up the edges, added a notebook edge scrap of paper and then dove into my Cocoa Vanilla Boys Rule collection for a few stickers and a flair badge to finish of the embellishing.

I added a little more stamping over the top of the colour and paste, I felt the stamping was a little lost. You can also see I have layered some white cotton behind all of my layers, used my tiny attacher for some tiny details and threaded my tag with some black and white twine.

I am so happy with the end project having had no idea what photo I was using to start with!! I have the most fun while experimenting with products and seeing what they do so pull out something you have maybe tried and "failed" at before and get playing!!

You can very faintly see some of the gorgeous shimmer you get when you use the shimmer dusts - it's super hard to capture it flatteringly on camera!!

Oh, I also have a process video for this page over here that you can see! Make sure you subscribe to the Colour Blast YT channel and click the little bell icon so you get notified anytime myself or one of the other girls upload there!

Please share your latest creations over in the Colour Blast Creative Corner FB group, we do love seeing all of your creativity! Until next time, get messy and happy scrapping!!


Friday, 18 May 2018

‘Dream Catcher Tags’ by Amy C

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make mixed media tags.
This demonstrates the use of several techniques. I love the transformation from plain white paper to an amazing piece of art!

First, as this project uses a lot of water and spray liquid, it is ideal to use either watercolour cardstock or to use a heavy-duty piece.
Using a spray bottle, I sprayed the paper with water completely. Using Rainforest, Sunset, Violet, and Sapphire Colour Sprays, I sprayed randomly around the page and then set aside to dry.
After it dried, I sprinkled water around the page to create a water droplet look – love it!
Once all dried again, I trimmed down to tag size. If you have a ‘tag-shaped’ die… go for it!

Using background stamps of my choice, and a permanent ink, I stamped over the tags to my liking.

To tone the background down a bit, I rubbed 'White Heavy Gesso' lightly over the surface, using a baby wipe.

To create the circle for the dream catchers, I used a large stitched circle stamp from my stash. If you don’t have one you can simply trace a circle using a craft marker.
I stamped some feathers onto the catcher, and around the page.
Next, using Stormy Weather  Colour Paste and a star stencil from D-Lish Scraps, I applied the paste over the tags.

To create a border, I ran the stalk of the Roadbase  Colour Spray loosely around the border. Before it dried, I sprayed it with water and left it to drain in the vertical position, as pictured.

Once I was happy with the effect, I dried it with a heat gun.
The tag was looking a bit dark at this point, so I added some white splatters. This also served to create a ‘starry night sky’ effect.

The combination of water and 'White Heavy Gesso', mixed on a stampers block, worked well to achieve this splattered look.
Finally, it was time to embellish – and complete the tags – with feathers!
This was absolute fun to create!
Here are some more close ups – take a look!

Thank you for stopping by!

Ciao, Amy

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Bloom With Grace by Suzy Loudon

Hi everyone. Today I am sharing a layout I created using a photo of af old mossy fence I found during a tour around the Bay Of Islands, NZ last year. I found it behind a little church cemetery & was just devine.

Whilst I was thinking about creating this page I thought I could use some wondersoft. Not having any or any stores that I could get to I started thinking. Just the day before I had taken out some feathers I had done in a mould & remembered when I was cleaning it up, the fine bits I was pulling off would work perfectly...and so I made my own.
I mixed in some Grass Artist Ink into some No More Gaps. After mixing well I added a little more for a darker colour.

I couldn't get it quite dark enough so added some Soot Artist Ink. After mixing well I spread the mix out fairly thinly on the back of one of my silicone moulds.

I mixed up some more with with Soot to make a grey colour. After spreading it an the silicone mat I left it to dry for a day.

Once dry I peeled them off & tore it into tiny little bits.I thought it looked like moss quite well.

I used Envy Colour Paste through a stencil on a little tag. I then used some Heavy White Gesso on the edges. I used my finger to spread it on.

Using Dusty Charcoal Embossing Powder I gave my chipboard two coats.

I didn't want the mica that was left on the paper after tipping the Embossing Powder back into the container to go to waste. So I used my finger to rub it into a metal charm that was white.

I sprayed some white flowers with Steel Shimmer Spray.

Then lastly a few with Snow White Shimmer Spray

To finish off my embellishments I used Steel Shimmer Spray on some chipboard.

After assembling all my elements & sticking down I went over my fern leaves with the Clear Shimmer Brush Marker, giving them a lovely shimmer.

And with that I was done.
Here's a few close ups.

My homemade moss.

Thanks for looking,
xxx Suzy